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Physical Properties Measurement System

Quantum Design PPMS Physical Prosperities Measurement System


The PPMS is a flexible sample environment that allows a variety of measurements to be performed in a variable temperature-field environment. Electrical, magnetic and optical measurements can be performed at temperatures from 1.9K up to 310K under magnetic fields from -9 to 9 Tesla.


Measurement types

  • Vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM) for measuring the magnetization of a materials
  • AC and DC transport for performing resistivity, simple hall effect, Van Der Pauw Hall, I-V curve tracing and critical current measurements.
  • Magneto-optical measurements.

General Instrument Specifications

  • Measurements are performed in a vacuum
  • Cryostat temperature range: 1.9K to 290K.
  • Magnetic field Range: -9Tto 9T. Continuously varable
  • Maximum sample size for electrical measurements
    • Sample sizes up to 1in diameter.
    • Standard sample size is 0.4in x 0.5in
  • Maximum sample size for Magnetic measurements
    • Power samples: up to 5.0mm3
    • Solid samples: up to 3mm x 7mm

ppms-head ppms-rack ppms-KI inst