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TETF Laboratories

Texas Emerging Technology Fund Research Superiority Acquisition of Talent

 The ETF Research Superiority Acquisition goal is to bring the best and brightest researchers in the world to Texas. This enables our Texas academic institutions to continue to build expertise in key research areas, attract and encourage students to pursue advanced degrees in math, sciences, and engineering, and provide an invaluable resource to the community, especially fostering innovation and commercialization in our companies.

The Texas State University System obtained a Research Superiority award for the Center for Multifunctional Materials. In addition to jumpstarting our Analysis Research Service Center and the Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory which has enabled our first TETF hire, Dr. Ravi Droopad. Funding has also enabled the laboratories of two additional faculty hired through the TETF award, Dr. Tania Betancourt and Dr. Ed Piner.

TETF Labratories